Who We Are

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the individual practitioners/teachers if you would like to find out more about how our treatments or classes might benefit you. All are fully accredited.


Annabelle Howard-Simpson BCST RCST

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Reiki Master. Neal's Yard Organic Independent Consultant.
Co creator of the Wellness Space.

Annabelle has been interested in holistic health and healing for over 20 years.Her CST journey began when both her and her baby received postpartum treatments with amazing results.

She is a qualified biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (CST) practitioner, graduating in 2013 from the Craniosacral Therapy Education Trust, registered with the CSTA, and so abides by their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Her Privacy Policy for CST complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. For download click here. She regularly undergoes CPD, including mum and baby training, pre and perinatal somatic memory and trauma work.

Her clients of all ages have a wide range of acute and chronic physical and emotional issues. She believes in listening to the health of the individual's system that is inherent for us all, working with the potential of the body's healing to release trauma, tension and to integrate these changes on a mind, body and spirit level.

Her other healing practices include dowsing, working with flower essences and mediation. She is also an Independent consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies

clare pearl photo.jpg

Clare Pearl

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy offer effective ways of working through challenges in your life and can help you discover inner resources, connecting you more deeply to yourself and supporting you to create the life you want.

I have more than seven years professional experience supporting people to live more authentic, satisfying and fulfilling lives. The areas I work with include trauma, sexual abuse, feeling stuck or fearful, anger issues, and spiritual questions. I also have specialist knowledge in bereavement and loss.

I offer a safe and compassionate relationship where you can explore your issues, I will respect your values and trust in your capacity to find the solutions you need. Some of the approaches influencing the way I work include body-centred work, shamanism and dream work as well as attachment theory and the person-centred approach. 

Please have a look round my website to find out more and if you have any questions, or would like to arrange an initial session, please get in touch.


M.A., PG Dip. Adv.Psych/Couns

Registered Member MBACP 



Eleanor Bennett


I'm Eleanor and I have been practicing acupuncture since 2013. I was lead to the clinic in my home town where I had a course of treatments to heal some long standing issues that I had been having. After feeling the benefit of the acupuncture and herbal remedies I was very intrigued and wanted to know more. So I studied as an apprentice at the CT Clinic in Northampton, where I achieved my first diploma in acupuncture in 2013. After some years of travelling and self practice I came back to the CT Clinic, which is now established as The Open International College of Complementary Therapies, where I studied for a further 2 years with them, deepening my understanding of Chinese Medicine. From there I graduated with a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine in May 2018.
The sound therapy part of the treatment has come from my own love of working with sound frequencies. After experiencing  the deeply resonating effects of these sounds for myself, I decided to combine it with the acupuncture to offer greater healing potential in the treatments.


Gillian Ward

Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist and Natural Spiritual Healer

Gillian Ward (DipNspH) offers a sacred environment where one can come to receive. As a qualified healer for 15 years, Gillian supports her clients as they transition along their unfolding paths, guiding them back to health and wholeness. Gillian follows a professional code of conduct and practices confidentiality, non- judgement and respect for all.


Hannah Hayhurst

Children’s Yoga Teacher specializing in Yoga for Autism

I’m Hannah I have 14 years’ experience of working with children of all ages and in many different settings.  I have a very child centred approach and a calm but playful disposition.

My interest in mental health and what we can do to maintain a healthy mind set lead me to yoga, which I am fully committed to as a daily practice.  Yoga is my go-to for tending to my needs, the bottom-up approach allows me to regulate my nervous system; which it turn allows for shifts in mood, boosts my energy and gives me a healthier perspective so I can face life’s challenges.  

I wanted to share my passion for yoga, creativity and neurodiversity with children so decided to set up Bee Free Kids Yoga.  I run classes in schools for EYFS and key stage one, as well as running classes in my community.  I also teach one to one sessions for children with ASD.

My aim is to give children a self-regulation tool kit that they can use in their everyday lives not just on their yoga mats.


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Isadora Darke

Advanced Therapeutic Massage Therapist

As an advanced therapeutic massage therapist I am trained in a range of safe and effective soft tissue, sports and deep tissue massage techniques that aim to reduce the client's pain, ease stress and increase their movement. 

I treat a range of chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions including low back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, RSI and many other ongoing injury or pain conditions as a result of sport or daily life.

I work with clients to create tailored treatment plans, blending the best of advanced bodywork techniques from both East and West including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure and stretching with a truly holistic approach based on the biopsychosocial model of pain and modern neuroscience.

I use a warm and heart centred approach that takes full account of all your physical and emotional needs and am committed to working alongside you to get the results you need.

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Linda Carroll-Bentley

Hypnotherapist . Hypnobirthing

 Linda Carroll-Bentley has spent all her professional life enabling and assisting people.  

The majority of her working life has been spent in the criminal justice system, although she is also an experienced practitioner in all areas of personal, couple and family therapy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy therefore, was a natural progression and extension to her experience and practice.  

Linda has worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2017.


Lorna Marshall.JPG

Lorna Marshall M.I.F.P.A

Aromatherapy Massage Therapist

Hi, I'm Lorna and I have been an aromatherapist for 24 years in-between home schooling my three children.
Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant extracts, essential oils, to balance the body, mind and emotions holistically. I'm passionate about helping people live the best life they can. I believe self care is important in this busy non stop world with so many pressures to be better or work faster and harder. Allow me to offer you a bespoke blend of oils along with a massage treatment and enjoy some me time.
I'm really looking forward to meeting you soon.

picture of me for Wellness space and pro

Marie Wheelwright

Facial Yoga teacher. Zone Face Lift therapist. Massage Therapist. Reiki master. Facial Reflexology Therapist .

Marie Wheelwright is a teacher and healer with over twenty years experience in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki and advanced massage techniques. She has trained with Danielle Collins in Face Yoga Method and the UK's leading Facial Reflexologist Ziggie Bergman. She specialises in natural, holistic facelift methods as an alternative to injectables and surgery, including facial yoga and Gua Sha (Eastern Botox) . She also creates bespoke beauty products on request using the finest natural ingredients.

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Nadine Pittam


I believe in the power of counselling to enhance life on many levels. Therapy can be a deeply transformative process, especially when you are able to talk openly to someone knowing you will be fully accepted, regardless of what it is you have to say.
Deciding you want to start counselling and making that first contact with a counsellor is not easy. And sticking with the therapy as you uncover or face painful truths and/or explore difficult experiences can feel overwhelming at times, but I believe it's worth it.
For all my clients, however they find counselling: terrifying, challenging or a blessed relief, I have a deep respect. The work my clients undertake, the courage they show in their willingness to explore difficult and painful experiences or emotions is both humbling and inspiring.
I also share my clients' relief and joy when they, having struggled so bravely, begin to feel they are coming through the darkness; when they feel they are beginning to find a new but very real peace from what had previously troubled them.

Sally Anne Wilkinson photo.JPG

Sally-Anne Wilkinson

Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. Holder of a nutrition diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine

Sally-Anne Wilkinson trained in Nutritional Therapy because of her daughter's serious health issues, which were significantly improved or eliminated by dietary and lifestyle changes. If you want to read more about her story, please visit her website.

She's helped many people regain their health from chronic disease, both adults and children, with issues from ADHD to IBD. She is passionate about the therapeutic value of dietary interventions and keen to pass her knowledge on to you to improve your quality of life through plant-based eating.

Sue Shanaz_edited.jpg

Sue Shanaz

Kinesiology and Sensitivity Testing

I offer a nurturing environment in which to explore any issues that are going on for you and explore ways of bringing out balance and equilibrium. I love kinesiology because it is a very co-creative way of working -  its not the therapist telling you what you need it really is your story - it's like opening up your very own encyclopedia and when information comes up, it really does mirror what's going on for you. I love that you can work with your goals and balance your future plans, work in a very practical way with the physical body but also around your creative and spiritual aspects. 

 I was drawn into healing work very naturally many years ago which resulted in me working with healing energies.  I completed a two year Crystal healing course with the International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists and become a Reiki master. Later on I attended a two year nutritional course with the Nutritional healing foundation and a 5 element nutrition course with the Natural Food school based in Devon.

My own personal journey for health & balance involved me going for Creative Kinesiology treatments which I found so

beneficial and absolutely fascinating that I decided to train as one.  I am a registered practitioner on the Creative Kinesiology website and a member of the BCMA 

I’ve attended an energy mismatch workshop which is all to do with testing for food sensitivities and allergies and

restoring balance where appropriate. I am also a Weleda health focus advisor.