Why Face Yoga is a powerful spiritual practise

Face Yoga is an amazing, innovative, holistic practise. More and more people are becoming aware of its physical and emotional benefits, such as a more radiant complexion, lifted and toned facial muscles, decreased lines and a heightened sense of relaxation, calm and wellbeing. But what about the spiritual benefits?

The spiritual realm is where the real transformation happens. That is, if we allow ourselves to come to practice softly, and from an attitude of loving kindness towards ourselves, rather than, as yet another thing to fit on the bludgeoning to do list, out of a burning desire to do something, anything, no matter how crazy, to get rid of the crows’ feet and the scowl marks, time, and our overly stressed filled lives, has etched into our faces.

Of course, physical results do come, but in my classes, they come as a happy side effect of this deep, spiritual work. Over time, it no longer matters whether you have lines or not, because you’ll look beautiful and radiant with or without them, having grown in self-acceptance.

Confidence is the key to beauty and sensuality, and I have seen Face Yogis grow in confidence by the bucket load as they progress on their journey. This is because they’ve carved out the time to create a healthy, positive and life affirming self-care ritual. Because they know they are “worth it” their self esteem goes through the roof.

Day by day, session by session, our newly pampered face is no longer perceived as something flawed and unlovely to be covered by concealer. We grow in self-acceptance. Rather than “fighting the signs of ageing,” we are engaging in a powerfully effective, proven method to help our faces look as naturally good as is possible. (Notice I say good. Not young. Looking and feeling our best selves is the goal here, not some elusive quest for eternal youth.)

The Face Yoga Method I teach focuses primarily on releasing tension in the face. We all have them. Those habitual holding patterns and less than flattering expressions, be it a sexy pout, a perpetual scowl, a slight sneer or subtle disgust playing around the lips. We think it’s part of who we are, but it’s not. The root cause is our repetitive thoughts and emotions, and we are not our repetitive thoughts, nor are we our negative emotions. Our repetitive thoughts and negative states of mind do not reflect who we truly are. We are something far better.

The art of letting go is a big part of spiritual practice, and in Face Yoga we learn the art of letting go of tension in the face. So, perhaps the main goal of Face Yoga is to help us relax and gradually let go, to effectively break this negative feedback loop and allow our beautiful, amazing, authentic self to shine forth. Everyone, no matter how horrible they seem, has a stunningly beautiful authentic self. Getting in touch with ours, helps us get in touch with theirs and gets them in touch with theirs also, and so on. See? We’re making the world a much better place.

The authentic self is naturally very happy, radiantly switched-on and smiley, and so the repetitive feedback loop tends to get fainter and weaker by the practice of relaxing the face with Face Yoga and of letting go, due to our increased awareness of who we truly are. We become aware of the thought patterns which cause us to scowl, and make the necessary changes, which is absolutely life changing. We tend to navigate the world, to face it, in fact, from a calmer, happier, more peaceful state of being.

If all this seems a bit woo woo, let’s look at it another way. If you’d just spent, say, ten minutes of your precious time in the morning, practicing a few Face Yoga moves, would you be as likely to ruin the investment by twisting your face into a scowl because the kids can’t find their bloody shoes, or you just tripped over the cat, or the rush hour traffic suddenly grinds to a halt? Of course not, no more than you would be likely to finish an hour-long yoga practice then stick your head in the freezer and inhale all the ice-cream.

It’s not to say there won’t still be moments when we completely lose our proverbial. It happens. There will be times when we are sad, angry, hurt and irritable. S**t happens. It’s just that Face Yoga helps us become more mindful, and deal with life’s little tests with far more grace. Face Yoga helps. You have my word. It helps on all levels.

Marie xx

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