Reflexology for (Peri) Menopause The Women’s Balance Reflexology Treatment by Marie Wheelwright

The transition into menopause is steeped in negativity and stigma by the mainstream, and a quick google of symptoms is enough to send us into a wild panic. However, although the “change” is undoubtedly a challenging time, there’s plenty we can do to alleviate symptoms, and dare I say, even enjoy this stage of life.

Menopause can be a beautiful mystery and an opportunity for a richer inner life, if we create the time and space to unravel our inner worlds. It’s a time for greater reflection, for being gentle and forgiving of self, for self-care, self-love, exploration and healing. It is a time for making new discoveries about who we are and what we really want from the rest of our lives.

Attitude is everything during this transformative time. Negative cultural beliefs about what menopause is, (the end of the road, the scrap heap, last chance saloon) and how it effects our bodies, (vaginal dryness, hot sweats, weight gain) and our self-worth, can impact upon our experiences of it.

Hot flashes, anxiety, depression and weight gain are, of course, not in our imaginations. They are all too real, common side effects. But both studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that anxiety over symptoms greatly exacerbates them.

Negative thought patterns add to levels of chronic stress and modern woman is more chronically stressed than ever in history. We typically juggle childcare and careers with the needs of elderly parents, financial worries and the navigation of an insanely stressful and increasingly frenetic modern world.

As our ovaries slow down their function and decrease progesterone and oestrogen production, the adrenals are meant to take up the baton, so to speak, cushioning the blow by upping production of a hormone that can be converted into a form of oestrogen.

But if our adrenals are already burnt out by chronic stress, they cannot do this important job and we are far more likely to suffer a higher incidence of anxiety, heart palpitations, hot flushes and night sweats. In my opinion. This may be the key reason many women are having such a bumpy ride these days.

Regular holistic therapies of any kind provide support during this time of transition. They create time and space for valuable self-reflection and exploration, whilst therapeutic touch soothes and regulates the peripheral nervous system and helps relieve the chronic stress that can make symptoms so much worse.

The Women’s Balance Reflexology Treatment is recommended at any stage in a woman’s life, as it supports healthy menstrual cycles, fertility, and alleviates PMT. It is particularly effective due to its direct action on the entire endocrine system. It utilises a powerful sequence of moves on the key reflexes of the endocrine system to promote hormonal balance.

To help alleviate symptoms of menopause, the Women’s Balance Reflexology Treatment works on the pineal gland reflex to help with memory loss and to stimulate melatonin to improve sleep patterns. The pituitary gland is focused upon to regulate cortisol (the stress hormone) production and also aid the ovaries in producing oestrogen, the thyroid and parathyroid to increase energy and vitality, the thalamus to support the regulation of bodily temperature and so help with hot flashes and night sweats, the adrenal reflex to improve energy, quality of sleep and ability to focus and concentrate and also to regulate adrenal fatigue. Working the panaceas reflex regulates hormones for digestion and also blood sugar which helps support healthy weight maintenance, and working on the ovary reflex helps balance the production of oestrogen and progesterone.

The Women’s Balancing Reflexology Treatment is further enhanced by applying the wonderful Neal’s Yard Women’s Balance blend to the feet during treatment. This luxurious blend contains relaxing, patchouli, uplifting geranium, nurturing rose and rejuvenating frankincense, to help harmonise body and mind and alleviate difficult emotional states. It is an ideal blend to use during times of hormonal upheaval.

Applying essential oils directly to the soles of the feet is the quickest way to of getting these beneficial oils into the entire system. Scientific studies show that when essential oils are applied to the feet, within just twenty minutes traces can be found in the entire body.

The Women’s Balance Reflexology Treatment helps you navigate all the wondrous stages of a woman’s life, supporting and nurturing you on your wellness journey. To book a treatment go to:

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