How To Stay Grounded

Clients often ask what I recommend to help them stay grounded. Here, I’ll share a few of my favourite tips and techniques with you, but first, what does it actually mean to be grounded, or not?

We all feel ungrounded from time to time, but for some folk it’s a of a way of life. Some of the symptoms of being particularly ungrounded include feeling “spaced out,” foggy, distant from life and the people round you, apathetic and lethargic, or else, over excited, OTT, full on and in people’s faces.

You’re likely to do stuff on autopilot. Drive and not remember the journey, mindlessly eat a meal without tasting it, read a page of a novel then realise you haven’t taken it in. You’re likely to lack enjoyment in life, as you’re cut off from your emotions, numb and repressed, and yet there’s this awful, underlying anxiety.

You tend to make bad choices when you’re ungrounded. Eating unhealthy food, not sleeping properly or enough, rushing into stuff without thinking things through, buying things you don’t need, looking for distractions that are bad for you. This mode of being also tends towards burn out. So, all in all, it’s not great to be ungrounded.

But it’s far from terminal. In fact, it’s extremely simple to remedy if you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms in yourself.

One of the main causes of us being ungrounded is a disconnect with the earth, caused, quite simply, by our practice of wearing shoes. If it’s Spring or Summer, or Autumn or Winter if you’re brave, an instant way to ground is to stand barefoot on grass. This practice literally earths you. It puts you back in direct contact with the earth’s subtle electric charge. The earth’s surface has a negative charge, which in this case, is good, because it generates electrons which neutralise free radicals and also regulates the autonomic nervous system, having a positive effect on sleep patterns, hormonal balance and digestion.

Any rewilding practise, like walking in nature or hugging trees, or diving into a cool, natural body of water, will be very grounding, but these might not always be available to you. It might be blowing a gale, or else you live in a concrete jungle, in which case, any therapeutic movement activity, like yoga, pilates or tai chi will reconnect you with your body and the earth. Therapeutic touch in the form of an aromatherapy massage is very grounding as it connects you to a soothing and sensuous bodily experience. The calming music, the uplifting scent of the oils, the feel of your body supported by the couch and the warm, safe touch of the therapist will embody you by engaging every one of your senses.

At home, if you notice in any given moment, you are feeling ungrounded, try reconnecting with the breath, deepening and extending the inhales and the exhales, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth for a few conscious breaths. Having a little something to eat and drink often helps pull you back down to earth. And when I say drink, not alcohol obviously, as that will just make you feel woozier. Try a herbal tea, or warming chai latte, a small piece of dark chocolate, a few nuts or half a banana.

If I’m working with a client who is feeling particularly ungrounded, I tend to use base essential oils. These are the oils derived from trees and roots, the earthy ones. My personal favourites are Cedarwood to evoke a sense of wellbeing and belonging on the earth, Patchouli for security and mental clarity, and Ginger, for self-confidence and assurance. Any of these could be used in a burner at home,

Two brilliant techniques for grounding I personally use are from the brilliant energy medicine practitioner Donna Eden. The first is to tap firmly with three fingers of each hand on the bone directly beneath the eyes. This is the Stomach 1 acupressure point and it is the start of a meridian channel leading directly to the feet. The second technique is called spooning the feet and involves using a stainless-steel spoon to rub all over the feet. This benefits the body’s polarity and allows for a flow of energy from the earth in and out of your feet. I know, I know. It sounds a bit crazy, a bit… ungrounded…But it works. I invite you to try it for yourself and see.

I hope there are some suggestions here that will work for you. It’s worth trying some of them out to see if they do. When we are grounded, we are secure and steady. Energy flows freely, and we feel more alive, vital and connected. We are better company and support for others, have greater clarity and ease. We feel nourished by our lives and appreciative of the people in them, and by connecting with the earth we strengthen our relationship with her and are more likely to experience the riches, abundance and many blessings she offers on a daily basis, rather than experiencing a sense of disconnection, scarcity and

By Marie Wheelwright

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