Coping with Hair Loss

Recently, clients have been asking what I recommend for hair loss they’ve experienced as a side effect of coronavirus.

Seeing hair falling out in the shower, or noticing it on your pillow can be very distressing. I’ve dealt with hair loss myself, due to the hormonal havoc of pregnancy and iron deficiency. It helps to remember, whilst going through hair loss due to illness, dietary deficiency, stress or hormonal imbalance, or any combination of these factors, that this type of hair loss is temporary.

This too shall pass.

The first thing I suggest is to check your iron levels. Low iron is major cause of thinning hair and something to rule out. Another big recommendation, and one that definitely worked for me, is to up your intake of silica. Silica is a trace mineral found naturally in green beans, leafy greens, bananas and brown rice.

It strengthens the hair and prevents thinning, so really go to town, and get plenty of this incredible nutrient into your system.

For extra supplementation, Diatomaceous Earth is my go-to source of silica. It has a whole range of incredible benefits besides promoting healthy, glowing skin and luscious hair. But that’s another blog post. It’s a soft rock crumbled to a fine powder taken in a glass of water about half an hour before breakfast. It tastes a little chalky but not unpleasant and is really affordable. A 2kg bag will last at least a year and set you back about £20. Just be certain to get food grade. The industrial sort isn’t for human consumption.

I also recommend Bamboo extract. This supplement can be taken daily and comes in capsule form.

Stress doesn’t help when going through hair loss. I do know that. Panic doesn’t either. Stress only makes the situation worse. Finding a way to relieve stress is absolutely essential. I found solace in my regular yoga practice. Any gentle, mindful movement will help. The Wellness Space has a full range of classes. If strapped for cash there are plenty of amazing online resources to use at home. Yoga with Adrienne is excellent. Her beautiful soothing voice calms the nervous system and communicates to every cell of your being, you are supported and loved. Meditation is also a great technique to explore for stress management and YouTube has some great resources. I recommend Angela Biotrucco’s guided meditation for healthy, strong hair.

Holistic treatments I’d most recommend for hair loss are Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Reflexology, I recommend, due to its balancing and stress reducing effects on the entire system. It releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, whilst having a highly beneficial stimulating effect. At home, try pressing down on each finger nail in turn, for a count of ten, a couple of times a day. It might sound slightly out there, but in reflexology, the fingernails are directly connected to the roots of the hair, and this action is extremely powerful and nourishing to the hair follicles.

I also recommend Facial reflexology with Indian Head Massage. Facial and scalp acupressure encourages blood flow to the scalp as well as relieving stress, helping reduce hair loss and encourage growth. There are several acupressure points particularly beneficial for hair loss, to focus upon during treatment. The easiest one to find at home is the temple area. Gently circle on the side of the forehead on this point with the index finger several times a day.

The Indian Head Massage portion of the treatment further stimulates hair growth by increasing nutrients and blood flow to the scalp. Dr Henry Choy tested scalp massage with a large sample of balding people. He believed that trapped sebum in the hair follicle was responsible for hair loss, and hypothesised that vigorous massage was the answer. His results were astounding. 100% of participants experienced hair regrowth. At home, try vigorously massaging the scalp in a shampooing action with the head held upside down for one to five minutes a day. Remember, these little rituals don’t provide instant results. It took Dr Choy’s participants 300 days to see results, but the results, when they did come, were miraculous seeming.

These are the things I found to be helpful myself. I do hope they help you too.

By Marie Wheelwright

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