An Invitation to Face Yoga by Marie Wheelwright

I’m very excited to announce Face Yoga classes will be resuming very soon at the Wellness Space after a long break. Our faces, hidden behind masks so long, are much in need of some Tender Loving Care. Many clients have been complaining of jaw ache, increased acne, dull skin, and a host of other mask related problems. Face Yoga can quicky help remedy these.

In a very short time, sometimes instantly, Face Yoga deeply relaxes the face, and with it, the entire system, making the face calmer and more beautiful, with a healthy glow. Over time, it releases habitual expressions and so smooths lines, also strengthens the muscles, giving a profound natural face lift.

Whether you are 20 or 80, the techniques I teach are powerful tools that are yours to keep and use for life. It is never too early to start, or too late. As women, as we age, we have fewer and fewer positive images of what looking good in midlife and beyond actually is.

Older women held up as a standard of beauty tend to be A listers, who are surgically enhanced to the extreme ,and under intense pressure and scrutiny over their appearance, as though they have little other value. They hold a poisoned chalice, and represent an ideal completely out of reach, and most likely not anything we should even try to aspire to.

These media images can make women feel hopeless and afraid. We are made to feel we are letting ourselves go if we don’t conform to unrealistic expectations by undergoing expensive, invasive and possibly dangerous cosmetic treatments. And while there is no shame to having Botox and fillers to look good if that is what you choose, societally, it’s a little as though we’re being pressurised into literally petrifying ourselves, freezing our faces at an age deemed socially acceptable by a youth obsessed culture, freezing with it, our emotional and psychic maturity.

Is it wise to want to look as though we are at a different life stage than the stage we are actually at? Can we not be beautiful, vibrant, glowing, confident, strong and sexy at any age or stage, and embrace each life stage in joy and celebration? I say we can, and there is a middle way. This is starting to emerge in new therapies like Face Yoga and Face lift massage, which take a holistic and joyful approach to rejuvenation, and are as much, if not more, about feeling amazing on the inside.

Women around the world are discovering the extraordinary benefits of Face Yoga. Having these tools and techniques under your belt is extremely empowering, and once you have learned them, they are absolutely free. You will no longer feel you are at the mercy of the aging process unless you invest thousands of pounds.

Face Yoga is an act of profound self-love, but it is no quick fix. It is a skill which can take many weeks or months to learn, and once you do, you can expect to spend between five to twenty minutes a day doing Face Yoga, but this is time well spent. It is enjoyable and deeply relaxing, and well worth investing some of your time and energy in.

Whether you are new to Face Yoga, or a seasoned Face Yogi, this new class is for you. Seasoned Yogis will hone existing skills as well as learn new, innovative and extremely effective, face lifting exercises. Newcomers will soon get into the flow as most of the techniques are fairly simple and classes include plenty of relaxation, wellbeing and dietary tips as well as face Yoga. Together, we will delve more deeply into the Face Yoga philosophy, explore and play.

I am both a teacher and therapist with nearly thirty years’ experience in wellness techniques, including, massage, aromatherapy, skin care, reflexology, acupressure and energy work. I have specialised in Face Yoga and Face lift massage for the past three years. I would be honoured to be your guide on this exciting journey, so if you would like to join us, please register your interest on 07855 863 079 or e:, leave your contact details and I will get back to you.

Marie xx

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