Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga

Monday  9.30 - 10.30am

ITS BACK TO THE MAT! Time to refocus our energies, connect and nurture ourselves as a group during these unprecedented times.

Reborn Yoga is very excited to share a new weekly in person class. 

Classes will be held in the wonderful first floor space where there’s ample space to gather as a small group whilst absorbing the beautiful atmosphere of the building itself.

Class style is Kundalini for all levels and abilities with some gentle flow practise in the mix too. 

Mandala Flow starting 4th November

Wednesday at 6.30pm

Come as you are


Mandala flow is an integration of movement to the various directions on the mat. During the class we move in circles and spirals around the mat, stimulating both sides of the brain and accessing parts of the body and mind that we may not perhaps access when we move in a purely linear way. 

The practice is based on the shamanic tradition of 4 elements. Each class focuses on a different element, a chakra, or a particular group of muscles, using rhythmic pulsations and repetition to encourage the body to open and go a little bit deeper with each rotation. The class will start and finish with Yin Yoga, in order to bring the mind into a meditative state and allow us to find a connection with our body and breath. 

Expect challenging asanas, deep and slow breath. It is a dynamic practice, but students are encouraged to practice at their own pace and to honour where they are in their practice physically and emotionally. 


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