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Adult Mindfulness

STARTS 24th February Thursday  

This is a 4 week course, designed by Linda Carroll-Bentley, Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

The course allows you to experience hypnosis, as a way of reducing anxiety, improving confidence and self esteem, whilst learning how to relax more easily.

Week 1: Linda will explain about clinical hypnosis, dispel some myths, explain 
how breathwork can relax your body. Short meditative experience.

Week 2: Guided hypnosis to enable relaxation.

Week 3: Focus on anxiety issues, through hypnosis.

Week 4: Focus on confidence, self esteem and self-hypnosis. 

"Linda was amazing to work with. I've tried lots of different therapies in the past and nothing worked for me. After my first session and since, I've felt much more in control of my thoughts and  more relaxed generally."

"Linda has helped me get my anxiety levels under control, rather than the anxiety controlling me!"

Booking essential: Please contact Linda - @@NewBeginningsHypnotherapyUK (Facebook page) or 0779 555 3185.

£12 per session


Bee Free Kids Yoga

9.30-10.30am 3- 6 years FULL
11-12.15pm 7-12 years FEW SPACES REMAINING

Bee Free Kids Yoga’s mission is to provide a consistent children’s yoga practice that opens the doors to positive transformation by creating a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart, and a strong feeling of self-acceptance. 

Bee Free Kids Yoga is non-competitive and an inclusive environment. The students build strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness through playful yoga poses, yoga games, mindfulness, art, sensory activities, instruments, props, and stories. 

Bee Free Kids Yoga encourages a feeling of well-being and respect for others which results in greater love for oneself, inside and out. 

Classes are created based on the developmental needs for each age range and provide an integrated learning experience that your child will love!

  • Fun weekly themes explored using storytelling, props and sound.

  • Yoga mats and weighted lavender eye masks provided.

  • Props, mindfulness activities and art activities provided.

  • Snacks and a refreshing drink provided.


Face Yoga Classes

Wednesday 7.30pm-8.30pm

Learn the tools to create a powerful and effective self care ritual using face yoga method and the ancient art of gua sha. Throughout this 6 week workshop, Marie combines Facial Yoga and Facelift massage along with relaxation techniques and acupressure to reduce facial tension and prevent the formation of deep lines and wrinkles and lift and tone the 57 facial and neck muscles. You will learn at your own pace and then be able to treat yourselves at home regularly, to improve circulation and lymph flow, improve your skin tone and increase the natural plumping agents: collagen and elastin. Deep breathing and mediation will also accompany the classes, to deepen the benefits of the face Yoga Method by enhancing overall health and happiness.

 Booking is essential. 

£35 total if block book for the six weeks. £7 per class if drop in. 

PROMOTION: Face yogis who block book can receive a Neal's Yard Facial for £35 instead of £45 during the six week course.



Inner Yoga with Dianne

Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm
Friday 8.30am-9.30am

Yoga is for all of us - whatever your age or background. You don’t have to be fit, flexible or have a particular body shape. I teach Inner Yoga, which is gentle but demanding and focuses on how the posture feels rather than what it looks like. My classes are suitable for beginners. I prefer to teach small classes, so I can respond to individual needs.  Sessions will include meditation and breathing practises as well as physical postures and movement.  

Inner Yoga asks us to listen to the body, to move from within. It supports the whole person, developing self awareness on physical, emotional and mental levels. It is a creative, intuitive practice, which offers opportunities for personal insight and transformation.

I came to yoga over 20 years ago, and know from personal experience yoga can really help us to navigate life’s ups and downs, encourage us to accept and care for ourselves and develop inner strength and compassion.  I completed my teacher training with the Inner Yoga Trust in 2017 and continue to work with my teachers whenever possible. The learning in yoga is a continual process and I am currently learning Vedic Chanting.

The Friday morning class will likely be a little bit stronger, but I will aim to teach what is right for the group. ​If you are also interested in one-to-one sessions, please get in touch.


Tuesdays 11th Jan – 29th March (inclusive)

Fridays 14th Jan – Friday 1st April (inclusive)

To book contact me on 07586 525454 or email: dianne@phonecoop.coop

£7.50 per class. 7 classes are £45. Concessions can be offered if unwaged or on a low wage.

Image by Cristian Escobar

Mindfulness for Children aged 7-8 years 

Starting Sunday 23rd January 2022 10.30-11.30am (for 4 weeks)
Booking essential

Let your child go on a magic carpet ride to find their own solutions!

Linda Carroll-Bentley our resident Clinical hypnotherapist has developed specially designed workshops to help children deal with any anxiety, confidence issues, or to understanding their emotions. 

Many children have experienced issues during the last year, but for some it can be an ongoing uncertainty about how and why they feel a certain way. 

Her workshops will teach them how to recognise what they are feeling and how those feelings affect them.

Get in Touch

Restorative Slow Flow Yoga

Monday Evenings 6.30pm

Begin with a pranayama to bring our body, mind and spirit in union. Softly entering each asana, holding and feeling each sensation, going deeper beyond the surface layer of tension. Release yourself and enjoy all the new sensations that arrive. 

Surrounded by gentle music and ambient lights. To help you focus more internally.

The class will be 60 minutes of pure bliss. Giving yourself the love you deserve.

All levels are welcome.

£8 per class or £40 for 6 classes

To book contact Elisha on 07861 447 073 or email: elishatowers@hotmail.com

Hannah - Good Vibrations Wellbeing.jpg

Sound bath

Twice Monthly - Tuesday 8-9pm

Close your eyes, breathe, meditate, let go of what no longer serves you and experience the peaceful power of sound healing.

Open your heart to a gentle, relaxing and dreamy 60 minute sound bath & guided meditation with Hannah from Good Vibrations Wellbeing.

Feel cocooned in sound and deeply connected as you drift into a place of stillness and meditation. Quieten the busy thinking mind and take time for you as you experience the beautiful, healing and nurturing vibrations of the Crystal Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, the Celtic Harp and softly sung Mantras.

Sound Healing has an abundance of benefits - it clears the mind, creates deep relaxation, helps the body release stress & tension and even aids better sleep. Sound is not only heard through our ears but through every cell in our body…

7th December, 8-9pm - WINTER - SOLD OUT



Elemental Sound Bath Series 

11th and 25th January 2022

8th and 22nd February 2022

8th and 22nd March 2022

Spaces are limited. Please book your place in advance.

“It is so wonderful to be enveloped in the beautiful sounds Hannah creates - they are soothing for the heart, mind, body and soul…”

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Vinyasa Flow

NEW: Starting Wednesday 5th January
Wednesday 6-7pm

My vinyasa yoga classes are dynamic, creative and fun. We will start taking a few moments in stillness, giving our bodies time to arrive in the space and allowing our minds precious time to slow down. We will begin to slowly move through some opening postures, allowing our bodies to warm up, as we then connect movement with breath as we flow through a sequence which includes options and modifications. We will work through grounding, standing postures as well as balancing postures before coming back to stillness to close our practice. 

All abilities welcome.

I'd love to see you on the mat!

Booking essential. Please contact me at abiyogauk@gmail.com or 07498478451.

Drop in £7.50 per class. Book 6 classes for £40


Yotism Yoga

Now taking bookings for one-one work or family sessions.
Suitable for children aged from 4 right up to young adults.

Bee Free Kids Yotism Yoga:

The Yotism Yoga method is research based and designed specifically for meeting the needs of individuals with Autism or Neurodiversity.

Now taking bookings for one-one work or family sessions.

Suitable for children aged from 4 right up to young adults.

Yoga is a powerful tool that is now scientifically proven to have many known positive and beneficial effects on the brain, emotions, and neuro-sensory system. It is a key to awareness and awareness is a key to learning, transformation and creating new connections, hence helping individuals to live to their full potential.

With science now proving the power of yoga, there is no doubt that it will have profound effects on any children with neurodiversity, developmental or physical challenges. One of the reasons for this is because the brain, body, nervous system, and sense of self are all connected. Therefore, with the right kind of movement, mindfulness, and nervous system stimulation we can create a better physical, cognitive, and emotional environment for ourselves which in turn will allow children to be more ready for learning.

Yoga introduces a deep sense of body awareness, motor-neuron organisation and gently resets the nervous system to create a shift from “survival” mode to a feeling of internal safety and coping, i.e., from “survive” to “thrive”.  The sensory system is given space and regulation to process, the muscles slowly come into a more balanced state, and attention can focus more to a calmer sense of self.

Using the Yotsim Yoga tools I can apply an adapted yoga method with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of spectrum differences. Yotism yoga helps to balance and organise the brain, to calm the neuro-sensory system and guides you towards something magical, healing, and dynamic. 

  • Lessons planned specifically to meets individual needs.

  • Structured, repetitive, consistent sessions and a simple routine which allows the therapeutic effects to shine through with greater clarity.

  • Mats, weighted eye masks, weighted blankets and cushions provided.

  • Props and mindfulness activities provided. 

  • Drink provided.